Friday, February 27, 2015

Learning Journal-2015

20 February 2015   - FEEDBACK
16.2.15- For music on Monday I experienced how to play the guitar and I learnt the following chords C,G7,F.

17.2.15- On Tuesday - made felt at Technology - felt was made from wool and use dye to colour.

18.2.15- On Wednesday I learnt something that says on the Ash Wednesday Gospel “don’t let your left hand know what your right is doing”. Don’t be influence by bad examples

19.2.15 On Thursday - Expressive writing - I misunderstood the exercise until Mrs Tui explained again.

20.2.15 - learnt a new trick in subtraction and addition

For music I need to practice these chords C,G7 & F regularly before my next music class.

I need to do some on my own research on felt for my own benefit.

Ash Wednesday Gospel “don’t let your left hand know what your right is doing”. Don’t be influence by bad examples - which can be to avoid distractions in class and be more focussed.

On Thursday - Expressive writing - I need to read poems and reading in general.

subtraction and addition. I need to do more exercises on our maths times and my times too.

Learning Journal-2015

27.2.15. FEEDBACK
In our writing test this morning I was kind of easy because I already know what I was going to write.

26.2.15- Yesterday when we did our maths test I thought it was all going to be really hard but lucky some of them were easy and I also didn’t know that some hard ones I knew the answer.

For my writing test I think I need to put more interesting things into it and also put more vocabulary into my writing. I also need to read my writing over and over more often to find the mistakes.

For my maths I need a lots of working on maths really hard because It was really hard some of the questions and its my fault because I should know the answers.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holiday Recount Writing

Holiday Recount.

Firstly, in my holiday,
my family and I went to lots of fun places, example like the Wharf, Mission bay beach, New Lynn, North shore and visiting my dad and mum’s families too. On boxing day, we went to New Lynn to spend time with my aunties and cousins there. We also spend time at the waterfalls in new lynn and stayed there for three or four hours because there was lots of us and we just wanted to stay there and have fun.

Secondly, on christmas day we went to Mission Bay Beach with my families because it was a family spending day, it was really fun swimming with my sister and my fun cousins. We also had yummy food add that with fizzy drinks and juice. Yummy! It was really fun there and the best thing was that our parents were sleeping and we had more time swimming.

Thirdly, on new years we went to the wharf because nearly all the beaches around we went to. So we wanted to try something different, Like going to the wharf it was really fun and amazing at the wharf because we got to jump off the bridge  lots of times. The bridge was tall but the water was deep, example if you jump of it you wouldn't touch the ground.

Lastly, We went and visited our families which was awesome because I don’t really know all my family that well but lucky me I got to meet them. We visit about 5 of our families that we had wanted to meet, we also visited two of our families that just came from tonga, the best thing about going and visiting them was that we got to eat fingo’ta. It was so delicious that we ate nearly all of them.

My holiday was amazing, Fantastic, awesome, cool, happy, lots of laughing and happiness which made my holiday the best holiday ever, and I wish my holiday would be longer because our spending time together has not stop but it turns out it stops and now is working time because holiday is over. I can’t wait until next holiday, lets just wait and see if it will be the same.