Thursday, November 27, 2014


My Topic for today is what is a library and why is it important,what is my topic about, and my final comments.

What is my topic about?
My topic is about a library because I know stuff about libraries and I think I am going to become  librarian.

What is a library?
A library is a big building and inside that has lots of books. A library is a place where people goes to, to use the internet and do their homework. Libraries are all around the world which is good because you can go there to learn..

Why is it important?
The library is important because if there was no library in this world we wouldn’t learn anything and also we cannot be able to read.


I think that libraries should be a 2 story building or 3 so there can be more toilets and area to play. I hope you still learn something from this.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sorry Letter.

21 Dora the explorer street.

Dear Eric Harry Slade,

I am writing this letter because you suck and I just wanted to tell you that you are the worst teacher ever.

I am sorry that I have a better shoes then you.
I am sorry I have a better looks then you.
I am sorry I am faster then you.
I am so sorry I have better clothes then you.
I am sorry that I am richer then you.
I am sorry that I have a better life then you.
And last of all I am so sorry I have a better house then you.

I am sorry for being so cool because I know that I you want to be cool but you can’t because you're poor hahahahahah!!!!! na i’m sorry I just want you to cry hahahahah!!! na sorry again. But I will stop being cool.

I am sorry for being cool but I will stop being cool and let you being cool like I can make you rice I will buy you cool clothes and shoes just like me and I will make you even cooler by buying you a cool as house in the toilet hahahahah!!! nah just joking I will never do that, na I will hahahahah!!

I will try and dress like you by wearing clothes that are not nice, wear shoes that are smelly and old and act like you by teaching all of the kids.

From Dora.

The White House Celebrates Malia Obama's sweet 16th birthday

India's Glittering Festival of lights- Diwali

The biggest sea animal in the world- whale shark

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother Descripitive writing

My mother is as beautiful as a.beautiful red roses wallpapers 1.jpg  She has gorgeous brown eyes like the centre of a sunflower.  In the morning I hear her magnificent voice as sweet as the birds. I think of her everyday whenever I look out the window at night time.  I always see her beautiful face on the moon and whenever I sleep I feel like she is with me all the time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All about me

my name is Ilaisaane and I am from Tonga and  I am 11 years old In my Spare time I like hanging out with my friends and play volley everyday with my family. At school my favourite Subjects is P.E because I like to play with my whole class . In my family I have My two sister and one brother and also my mum and dad 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The shark and the man.

On a Saturday morning there was a man named Tom who  lived in New Zealand. It was a very hot day so Tom decided to go  kayaking. Tom packed his stuff and drove away in his car.
When he got to the beach parked his car and he stood in the sand and  checked whether or not the sea was calm. He was still standing there and he suddenly saw something black and it was moving inside the water, he then ran to his car , got his stuff and prepared to go into the water. When he went into the water he noticed it was already neck deep.

He paddled toward to the black thing that he saw earlier on. When he got closer to the black thing it disappeared deeper into the sea. As Tom was paddling he saw the black thing coming fast as it came closer Tom began to notice that it was a  big shark, he slowly turned around his kayak so that he was facing the shore. While Tom was watching the Shark he notice  big waves started to come in. Tom did not want to paddle because if the Shark saw him the Shark would try to chase him. As the waves were coming Tom saw that the waves were moving him closer to the shore, Tom was happy. As the Kayak was moving closer to safety Tom turned back to see where the Shark was, Tom saw the Shark right behind him.    

Tom was very scared because the Shark came closer and closer until the boat stopped, Tom looked forward and noticed that he was ashore and the the Shark was beside him in the sand. He took the Shark home and cooked it .  THE END.