Thursday, November 27, 2014


My Topic for today is what is a library and why is it important,what is my topic about, and my final comments.

What is my topic about?
My topic is about a library because I know stuff about libraries and I think I am going to become  librarian.

What is a library?
A library is a big building and inside that has lots of books. A library is a place where people goes to, to use the internet and do their homework. Libraries are all around the world which is good because you can go there to learn..

Why is it important?
The library is important because if there was no library in this world we wouldn’t learn anything and also we cannot be able to read.


I think that libraries should be a 2 story building or 3 so there can be more toilets and area to play. I hope you still learn something from this.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sorry Letter.

21 Dora the explorer street.

Dear Eric Harry Slade,

I am writing this letter because you suck and I just wanted to tell you that you are the worst teacher ever.

I am sorry that I have a better shoes then you.
I am sorry I have a better looks then you.
I am sorry I am faster then you.
I am so sorry I have better clothes then you.
I am sorry that I am richer then you.
I am sorry that I have a better life then you.
And last of all I am so sorry I have a better house then you.

I am sorry for being so cool because I know that I you want to be cool but you can’t because you're poor hahahahahah!!!!! na i’m sorry I just want you to cry hahahahah!!! na sorry again. But I will stop being cool.

I am sorry for being cool but I will stop being cool and let you being cool like I can make you rice I will buy you cool clothes and shoes just like me and I will make you even cooler by buying you a cool as house in the toilet hahahahah!!! nah just joking I will never do that, na I will hahahahah!!

I will try and dress like you by wearing clothes that are not nice, wear shoes that are smelly and old and act like you by teaching all of the kids.

From Dora.

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