Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mrs Wright Letter

Dear Mrs Wright,

My name is Ilaisaane and I go to St Pius X Catholic School. I am in room 3. I am year 5 and I am 10 year’s old.

Thank you for the books that you have given us and we love reading them and they are the best books that you have ever given to us to read.

My favourite book was Honey the Sweet Fairy because there were some good words in the book and funny words too. It was the best book I ever had in my life.

Yours sincerely
Room 3

St Pius X School

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cricket Recount

In term 4 we learnt how to play cricket. Our teacher took us  to cricket to train. We played cricket too, Room3 had lots of fun playing cricket all the time. We always had a go and I had fun.

We played a game called catching the ball, we had to catch the ball with one hand and we had to run and catch the ball at the same time. We gave it to the other person and they had a run. After that we learnt new skills with the ball.

Room 3’s favourite thing was learning the skills because there was some cool skills. We all went to the field and we played some games. We were in a team and then Coach Sid told us who the team to field and the other team get to bat would be. We all had a turn the it was time to go inside the classroom and do some work on our netbooks.

Garfield begin Cybersmart

Answers these questions in full sentences.

1) What part of Cybersmart is Garfield discussing?
Garfield was talking about being smart footprint.✔

2) What was Nermo excited about?
He was excited about the new comic book that was out. ✔

3) How did Nermo get in contact with Comic Cat12?
Maybe because Nermo was putting his email address on the internet. ✔

4) Explain why Nermo shouldn’t meet Comic Cat12? Because he don’t know who is he.✔

5) Why is it important that Nermo is careful about the information he puts online?So no one would go to his house, and so he is safe.✔

6) What doe YAPPY stand for?
YAPPY stands for
Your name.✔
Phone number.✔
And you plans.✔

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being a Blogging

Answers these questions in full sentences.

1) How many blogs are there in the world?
There are 150 million blogs around the world.✔

2) What is a blog?
A blog is posting our work on and commenting on people’s blog
and looking to people’s blog and the comment.✔

3) What does Collaboration mean?
Collaboration mean’s to work with someone and help them to do something.✔

4) What does link mean?
Link means connecting with others.

5) Name 4 blogging platforms.
Twitter, Blogger, Myspace and Tumblr. ✔

6) What are the 3 blog categories and what do
they do?

MP3 Blog It is a blog with all sorts of music.✔
Photo Blog It’s a blog made out of Photos.✔
Vlog It is a blog with videos.✔

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Helping the hungry

1) What is your foundation? The foundation is Caritas.✔

2) Who do they help?They help people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific;✔

3) Where are they based? They are based in Wellington.✔

4) How do they help?They get food for the hungry people.✔

5) How do they raise their money? They get their money from donations.✔

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kiwi fruit.

Kiwifruit a yummy and juicy and it feels hairy. It is soft and green and really good. It smells good. It feels soft when you eat it and sometimes it is cold when you put it the fridge. Sometimes you eat the skin.

The kiwifruit feels icky. Some kiwifruit are hard and some kiwi fruit are soft like a fluffy bed. They are really really delicious. Some kiwifruit are small and some kiwifruit are big.

Kiwifruit are fuzzy. Sometimes when you eat a kiwi fruit, the juice drips on the floor. Some kiwifruit are golden and some are brown and some are sour and some kiwifruit are oval.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Lego Story.

What are the main parts?In 1942 Oli started making wood stuff. He started making toys for kids and going around and giving them to the shop people but they did not have money to give and they gave him food instead. He came back and he had enough food to eat and his five son were happy.

Who are the main characters? Oli and Godfrey who help to make the toys. They made ducks and different toys.

Where does it happen?They made the toy at Switzerland they made a lot of toys out of wood and plastic..

When was the story set? The story was set in the olden days, because in the city people were wearing the big clothing because the olden day people wore those dresses that look like  princess clothing. A man were wearing the olden day clothing too.

All about Mary

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Maths Book

This is my book from toondoo that I done today and I am going to show my soul friend. I hope my soul friends will love it. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Favourite Food rap

Ice cream is my favourite food and is yummy in my tummy.

I bought some ice cream at the store,
Ate it all, but wanted more...

Ice cream is good
it makes me feel like it should.

Still hadn't had enough,
Give me more, Cold, sweet stuff!

My stomach growled, "Give me Icecream!"
Is what it howled...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival.

In a sunny day Saint Pius X School went to the Manaiakalani film festival. Inside the theatre it was dark and the big screen was in front of us. Five schools came to the movies in our session and Mr Coakley came up and talked about the movies. Some people were sitting at the back and the front of the theatre. The back seats were soft and nice and I was sitting there with two boys from room 5.

Some of the movies were funny and good and some people had a fun time at the movies. I was looking around I saw little lights next to us. All the movies had been seen for our session so after that we have to sit down and wait for our teacher to come and get us. We all went outside and we went on the bus we went back to school and have lunch.

My favorite movie was room 3's  three words, because I was in that movie and my friends were in it. So I really love it, I hope people love it too.

Friday, November 9, 2012


To be a good sportsman you should play fair and not cheat.

We can show sportsmanship by  being Friendly and not Fight.
To make sports better you should be kind and not being angry.

To  show sportsmanship you should be Honest  and not be hurt.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

healthy food

This is a picture that I have done today in tux paint inside this lunch box is all about healthy food.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The best book in the world

In the morning we went to the Duffy show. We went to the hall and sat down. The show started and the school all had fun.    

My favorite thing from the Duffy show was the big book the big book was cool and had lots of stuff in it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cinguain Poem 2

Hard, yummy.
Biting, eating, chewing.
They are so soft.

Healthy, white.
Drinking, slurping, paying.
They are so yummy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Banana sketch

This is my picture of a banana that i have done today i hope you like it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yummy Food Survey.

This is my Ven-Diagram it shows what food I think is healthy, yummy, and yuck at the same time. Check it out.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Weird Neighbors

There is something strange about my neighbours. There were flashing lights coming from their house, I think they were having a party or maybe they were aliens.

I was sitting there and watching them, what were they doing? It was getting dark and the lights were still on and I know that my neighbour was doing something, maybe they were killing. 

All night I was just sitting there and I wanted to go and look but I was so scared. I went out, it was so cold and I went to peek in the window. I saw the lights on but there was no one there. When I went to leave someone came into the kitchen, it was a man and he was holding something in his hand. It was so cold and there were someone at the back door and so I ran back inside my house.

In the morning I woke up and went to sit down and look out the window again. The man came out he went to his car and I couldn't see what he was doing but it didn't look right. I will just have to keep watching.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Rosary

Around the Rosary there is ten and the ten around the Rosary you have to say Hail mary ten time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Smart Learner

To be a Smart learner is to obey the rules like not playing game in working time. Always keeping on the right track and listen carefully to the people around you. Smart learning is about using your virtues and making sure my stuff is always ready before school. Smart learning is to always finish your work on time before your teacher tells you to go to the mat. To be a Smart learner don’t talk too much when you're doing your work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Church Summative Assessment

Underline all the words that could be used to finish each sentence:
The Church is to worship God as Creator of all and above all else through the celebration of each of the Sacraments    ✔
only on Sundays through prayer and service    
once a year at Easter    

in the Eucharist The five seasons of the Church’s Liturgical Year are..........    Lent  ✔          Spring            Summer        Advent   ✔
ANZAC Day        Ordinary Time  ✔   Winter

Match the season and the meaning and the colour:
preparing for Easter                     Advent        green✔
celebrating God’s love - aroha every day    Christmas         purple✔
celebrating the birth of Jesus             Lent            white✔
preparing for Christmas                 Easter        purple✔
celebrating Jesus’ rising from the dead        Ordinary Time    white✔

Finish these sentences:
During his life Jesus saved people from sin.✔

Jesus died so people would do good things and be saved from sin

Monday, October 1, 2012

Term 3 Reflection.

Learning Journal

Being a successful learner involves you being reflective about the learning process. It is about you identifying your strengths, weaknesses and areas you would like to improve in. Reflection just does not happen at the end of a task, it can be throughout a task.

I would now like you to take some time to answer these questions:

1. Are you pleased with how this term has gone for you? Yes, because I worked hard this term. I think i worked harder than last term.

2. What have you learnt this term? I learnt how to write a story on toondoo. I learnt how to put pictures on my blog.

3. What have you found easy this term? I found making my story into a book on Toondoo easy.

4. What have you found tricky / difficult this term?
Not finishing my work and trying to keep up with my work

5. Who  / what has helped you with your learning this term?
The teacher and my friends, Ana and Sonya.

6. What could you change with your learning for next term?
I could try harder to finish my work on time.

7. What are your next learning steps to make you a successful learner for next term? I need to not muck around so I can finish my work.  Not talk to my friends when I should be working.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mele's Money Dance.

1. What does the word gleamed mean? Gleamed mean to shine.

2. Why did Mele think everyone looked different to her when they were all dressed? Mele looked different from cousins because there necklace.

3. What was going through Mele’s mind just before she danced? When Mele start to dance she might forget her moves.

4. What does the word pluck mean?     Pluck means picking of flowers.

5. Illustrate Mele all dressed up with her money on tuxpaint.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Worship God

We Worship God everyday. We Praise him in different ways.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday night, room 3 went to kids for kids with the teacher. When we were there a girl held the door open and we went inside and waited there. There was other schools who came and there was lots of kids there, and there were teachers there too.

When we were there we played some cards and some other schools came to played with us. The girl came to tell us there was only 10 minutes to have a play and a talk and our teacher tell us to go sit on your number which was 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and all the way up to ten. All the kids went to line up on their number and the teacher went to line up with their kids.

It was time to go inside and the girl came and told us to go and line up and walk inside onto the stage and sit down. There was lots and lots of people sitting in front of us and the show began and Susanne came to sing with us, it was fun and nice.

We went through our songs, there was lots of song to sing. Some songs were long to sing and some songs were fun to sing. One song made me sleepy, it was ‘Somewhere Out There’, I really like it but it made me sleepy and I kept singing and when the song finished the lights went really bright and I couldn't sleep anymore.

It was getting hot because all the lights were on. We finished singing five songs and some other schools were happy when they were singing.

It was half time and we went to the other side of the hall and had a snack and played. Some kids went to the toilet and the girl came to tell us we were going back to the stage to sing.

All of the schools sang with Suzanne and everyone clapped really loudly.  Suzanne left the stage and said bye heaps of times.

All the singing was finished and all the teachers came to take us to our mothers and we went back home.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dog Who Chased Lightning

1. What does the word rummaged mean? To look for something by moving things around in an untidy or careless way.

2. What does it mean in the story ‘Knocking me sideways’? Someone is in a hurry.

3. What does it mean in the story ‘Midge went bananas’? Midge went crazy.

4. What did Midge think the lightning was? Midge never seen lightning before. He ran and ran. He must have thought  God has a big torch.

5. Illustrate Midge playing with the lightning on tux paint.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Story of hope from the bible 2

Stories of Hope from the Bible - Reading/R.E

Genesis 13:17-14 - Abram Moves to Hebron
The hope was that people will have land.

Exodus 16:4-5 - The Manna and the Quails
The hope was that God will never let them go hungry.

Psalm 78:23-29 - God and his people
The hope is that God will not let his people go hungry.

Daniel 6:1-26 - Daniel in the PIt of lions
The hope is that  God will forgive us.


1. An ellipse looks like an egg or a circle that has been sat on.

2. A 2 dimensional shapes are the same.

3. An equilateral sides are the same.

4. An Isosceles is shaped like a witches hat or an icicle.

5. A scalene lines are not the same.

6. A right angle has a 90%angle.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stories of hope from the Bible.

Genesis 2-3 - The story of creation
The hope was that God would create light.

Matthew 24:37-38 - No one knows the day or hour
The hope was that everything would be fine, even if things got bad.

Exodus 9:3-14 - Hail
The hope was that the people will be free to worship God.

Exodus 15:22-27 - Bitter water
The hope is that God would provide fresh water for them

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sacrament Summative Assessment

Draw on Tux Paint sketches of two different ways Jesus heals.    Give each sketch a label.
Finish this sentence: Jesus continues to heal people today through us ✔

Highlight what happens in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
clothing with a white garment         reading the Word of God
the washing of feet                anointing the forehead with oil✔
 baptising with water        ✔            laying on of hands
anointing the hands with oil            the rosary

Name the 7 Sacraments:
Baptism ✔
Confirmation ✔
Eucharist ✔
People Penance
Anointing ✔
Holy Holy Orders
Marriage ✔

Name two ways people can participate in the celebration of the Eucharist: by responding to father. Also saying a prayer to father while you get Holy Communion.✔

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fraction Practise

Example : ⅔ of 18 = 12
                  3 x 6 = 18        3 x 6 = 18
               6 x 2 = 12        6 x 2 = 12

1. ¼ of 36 = 9 ✔   4x9=36,  9x1=9

2. ⅖ of 40 =16 ✔ 5x8=40, 8x2=16           

3. ⅗ of 20 =12 ✔ 5x4=20, 4x3=12

4. ¾ of 24 =18 ✔ 4x6=24, 6x3=18

5. ⅔ of 24 = 16✔  3x8=24, 8x2=16

6. ⅘ of 60 = 48✔  5x12=60, 4x12=48