Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kiwi fruit.

Kiwifruit a yummy and juicy and it feels hairy. It is soft and green and really good. It smells good. It feels soft when you eat it and sometimes it is cold when you put it the fridge. Sometimes you eat the skin.

The kiwifruit feels icky. Some kiwifruit are hard and some kiwi fruit are soft like a fluffy bed. They are really really delicious. Some kiwifruit are small and some kiwifruit are big.

Kiwifruit are fuzzy. Sometimes when you eat a kiwi fruit, the juice drips on the floor. Some kiwifruit are golden and some are brown and some are sour and some kiwifruit are oval.

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Sonya said...

Great Writing Pepe, I really like how you describe about the kiwifruit in your own words. I also like how you describe what the kiwifruit looks like and
what it feels like. Maybe next time you could check your piece of work before you post it to your blog. Keep up the great work Pepe, From Sonya

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