Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Holy Spirit.

beginning of this week we will be learning about the holy spirit stuff that relates to the holy spirit and how the holy spirit works.

My Goal for this year or term or week is to learn more about the holy spirit and get to know it better.

Writing about Friday to the people who was away

26/4/15-Letter to Aurora, Hola, Joshua & Valensia.
Hello Girls and Boy. Today we had a whole school ANZAC mass, No one in our school took part in the mass, It was pretty much,, Father & Mrs Tui. We sang two songs in mass and the last song was my favourite because I knew it very well. The best part In mass was when we got to sit with our soul friends. Aurora I was with your soul friend because mine one wasn't here and you weren't here sorry! :)

After mass we walked outside holding our soul friends hand and went to the grotto, we line behind the fence and stood quietly and waited until it starts.
Many Parents came, took photo’s and also watched while the kids started reading their letters and putting things into the cross, like after when they finish reading what ever their holding they go and put it down next to the cross or put it on like the flag. After all the readings we played “The last post” it’s a song well it wasn't  kind of a song because there was no singing only a instrument playing. Then we sang the national anthem all together then all march back to their classroom.

On lunch time it was the best but you guys missed out, we had sausage sizzle and with that we had ice blocks it was delicious and the second best thing was we got to have free sausages, I think I had three sausage sizzle and two ice blocks. I felt sad because you guys weren’t here to eat sausage sizzle with me and enjoying our ice blocks under the sun.

Hope you guys will come back to school and don’t feel sad for missing out because it will come around sooner or maybe never.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Farewell Note for Halamehi.

Dear Halamehi

Oku ou ofa lahi atu kia koe xox. Koe fei tu'u oke alu kiai te mau ofa atu pe kia koe pea ai keke manatui mautolu. Oku ou fakmalo atu kihe mea nake fai kihe apiako ko eni.  Oku ou fiefia oku ma'u eku su mo eku falaniuha. Oku ou manatui ae aho nake iheni.  Ihe pongipongi kotoa pe
Malo aupito kihe mea nake fai ki he ku famili moe mea lahi nake fai kihe apiako ko eni. Oku ou fakamalo  atu kia koe ae mea nake fai ki hou toko'ua.
You always reminded me to make my parents proud and be culture proud.

Thank you so much for all your help with the breakfast club, the home visits, bread delivery, kidscan, holiday program and trips. What will the school community do without you, Halamehi! Your presence and energy will be sorely missed.   
Halamehi, how I will miss you're beautiful smile.  

All the very best and may you enjoy the company of your children in Australia.

Ofa lahi atu Pepe. Good bye:):)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Tee, Golf.

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This whole term we have been learning about golf with our training teacher Mr Thomas. He is a really good man, he respect us alot and what he wants us to do is to respect him back.

In golf I have learnt a lot of things from Mr Thomas like how to set up before hitting the ball, It goes like this. Left hand, right hand,feet together, left foot, right foot, pingu pot,pop then smash!!!. he says if we do those steps perfectly we would hit the ball really far and high.

In this term every time we have golf he always tells us a word it’’s respect, integrity, honesty, Trust, courtesy, Obey, and obey also stands for something else,other before yourself.

Our training has been amazing but its the respect that is not happening. because if we don’t respect then we wouldn’t be able to play golf. To me I have learnt something from Mr Thomas, don’t hit the ball really hard if the goal is right there just do a little hit. Because in our training the goal is just right in front of us.  Some people just ignore it they just go up and smash the ball and not even thinking.

But sadly this is our last day and Mr thomas did not come but thank you Mr Thomas for taking your time and coming to our school and training with us. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t know how to set up before hitting the ball.. Or we wouldn’t even know how to play golf.

thank you!!!.