Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Tee, Golf.

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This whole term we have been learning about golf with our training teacher Mr Thomas. He is a really good man, he respect us alot and what he wants us to do is to respect him back.

In golf I have learnt a lot of things from Mr Thomas like how to set up before hitting the ball, It goes like this. Left hand, right hand,feet together, left foot, right foot, pingu pot,pop then smash!!!. he says if we do those steps perfectly we would hit the ball really far and high.

In this term every time we have golf he always tells us a word it’’s respect, integrity, honesty, Trust, courtesy, Obey, and obey also stands for something else,other before yourself.

Our training has been amazing but its the respect that is not happening. because if we don’t respect then we wouldn’t be able to play golf. To me I have learnt something from Mr Thomas, don’t hit the ball really hard if the goal is right there just do a little hit. Because in our training the goal is just right in front of us.  Some people just ignore it they just go up and smash the ball and not even thinking.

But sadly this is our last day and Mr thomas did not come but thank you Mr Thomas for taking your time and coming to our school and training with us. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t know how to set up before hitting the ball.. Or we wouldn’t even know how to play golf.

thank you!!!.

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