Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday night, room 3 went to kids for kids with the teacher. When we were there a girl held the door open and we went inside and waited there. There was other schools who came and there was lots of kids there, and there were teachers there too.

When we were there we played some cards and some other schools came to played with us. The girl came to tell us there was only 10 minutes to have a play and a talk and our teacher tell us to go sit on your number which was 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and all the way up to ten. All the kids went to line up on their number and the teacher went to line up with their kids.

It was time to go inside and the girl came and told us to go and line up and walk inside onto the stage and sit down. There was lots and lots of people sitting in front of us and the show began and Susanne came to sing with us, it was fun and nice.

We went through our songs, there was lots of song to sing. Some songs were long to sing and some songs were fun to sing. One song made me sleepy, it was ‘Somewhere Out There’, I really like it but it made me sleepy and I kept singing and when the song finished the lights went really bright and I couldn't sleep anymore.

It was getting hot because all the lights were on. We finished singing five songs and some other schools were happy when they were singing.

It was half time and we went to the other side of the hall and had a snack and played. Some kids went to the toilet and the girl came to tell us we were going back to the stage to sing.

All of the schools sang with Suzanne and everyone clapped really loudly.  Suzanne left the stage and said bye heaps of times.

All the singing was finished and all the teachers came to take us to our mothers and we went back home.

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