Saturday, September 1, 2012


On friday 24th August St Pius X Catholic School participated at the 2012 X-Country. All the students were waiting at the courts and all teachers were getting things ready.

It was so hot when the big race started and all the little kids were running in the courts and the big kids ran around the school and they was so excited. All the classes was running and they were so hot and tired. They were fit and it was a good race for all the kids and some kids came back and they were so nervous. Some of the students stopped during the race because they had stitch. When they came back they went to run around the school. When the kids came back they went to the teacher and told them that you came last or first.

After that Miss G came to tell us to be quiet and that all the teacher could take their class back to their own classroom. We went back to our own classroom and all the class went to line up to go home.

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Miss G said...

Good writing this week Ilaisaane, you have some good sentences here. I really like how you have used a different sentence starter everytime time. Keep up the good writing.

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