Thursday, April 5, 2012


The mini movie, Oktapodi was set in Greece.  We watched this movie so that we can learn how to share our opinion.

Oktapodi and his girlfriend were together. They lived together in a fish tank at a fish shop. A man took Oktapodi’s girlfriend away. So Oktapodi followed the girlfriend and he jumped onto the truck and the man hit Oktapodi and the girlfriend jumped out from the box. She was safe and the man was so angry at the octopus’ and the man was driving fast. The octopus’ jumped to the pool and the man caught them.  The man hit the octopus’ up against the truck and the truck went faster. Luckily the truck fell down off a cliff and went into the water.      

My opinion of this movie is that it was funny because the man fell down after shooting out over the cliff and landed in the water.

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