Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imagination story

In the morning my mum said to me to go and help my dad
and help to dig a hole. I dug and suddenly I was falling down the big hole.

I opened my eyes and I saw the yummiest thing I had ever seen and there was candy everywhere.  I saw that I was in candy land and I was so happy.

Suddenly I saw someone coming closer and closer. When he was close I saw he was all green. The eyes were blue and he was an alien and he was scary.

He put out his hand and I saw something and it was a present, it was a box. There was a glass ball with a feather floating inside it. He told me to go and keep this safe from the world. I went and put it under my bed so candy land would be saved. 

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Miss G said...

Well done with your story Ilaisaane, you have shown the a good understanding of the structure of a narrative. You should be very proud of yourself :-)

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