Tuesday, July 31, 2012

netbook Description

My Netbook is a little laptop.

My black netbook is shiny and shaped like a rectangle. My Tiple E. pc is so shiny inside.
Sometime my netbook makes a sound and sometimes my netbook does not make sound.

I take my netbook to my house sometimes. When it stays at school it is kept in the C.O.W so we can do work on it when it charged.

My learning tools helps me learn new things because it lets me get to the internet and also I can put things on my blog easier.

My little net book is a learning tool and helps us to get to the internet and learn lots of information.

We are so happy because we are the first


Miss G said...

What a great description Ilaisaane, you followed the structure of this genre well. Keep up the good writing.

Catherine said...

Hi Illaisaane this is so awesome and so great. I am waiting too Illaisaane to see our new net books. So keep it up. Well done Illaisaane.

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