Friday, July 24, 2015

My Holiday Recount

My writing goals.
To plan group ideas effectively before writing.
To add details to my ideas by using specific vocabulary and to give examples.
To maintain consistent tense throughout my writing .
To use appropriate punctuation correctly and consistently in my writing.
To plan before writing
Tuesday, 23 July 2015.✓  😊
As always holidays are supposed to be fun. To me the holidays have always been boring, I wanted to come back to school. I constantly thought about school, and my friends. When suddenly my mum burst through my door room all dressed up, make up on, hair down, not heels but flat shoes.

I was surprised because it's been a while she looked like that , Then I remembered she was having a girl’s nights out.  The only reason why she burst into my room was to warn me and my sister, not to do anything dumb while she's out,  and to keep the house clean.

When she left my eyes were so big which means we have the whole house to ourselves, just me and my sister. We did so many things together.
Playing karate in the living room.
Made easy brownies- when I mean easy it's really easy.
Put makeup on each other and took selfies. 
Ate chocolate bars.

All those things we did that night were memories, I really enjoyed it even my sister. We did so many things together just in that night.  The good thing about that night was we worked together to clean the house, change the sheets in the room because there were stains on it from the make up, Packed away the dishes and tidied up the living room.

At 10: 23 we were dead asleep, tired from all the cleaning. We don’t know when our mum came back, I don’t know about my sister but I know I heard our kitchen door open.  

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