Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Recount

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My holiday writing.

During the holidays my family had a really fun trip ahead of us. We were heading to a waterfall nearby. It was our favourite place to go to, especially when it was family time. I admired going to the waterfall with my family because we spent more time together. We were very lucky because when we got there no one else was there, but us. I counted it as a blessing because we got the waterfall all to ourselves.

Usually when people are there we never get enough peace or space to our family. We went and set up at our favourite spot. We like to sit under the tree because it has a lot of shades. Before we all got wet we climbed to the very top where the waterfall starts and then jumped down. When I jumped down I was very terrified. My cousin could tell that I was really scared by the look on my face. Although I did admit to them that I was scared of heights. Even though I was scared, but I kept telling myself that I can do it. When I finally jumped down a whole water of relief flowed around me. I was so thankful that I didn’t hurt myself.

For a few minutes I found myself floating in the water with my cousins. Then the next minute we were sitting on the rock with our legs splashing in the water. Then my sister came up with a game we should play. She suggested diving competition. I knew it was a bit dangerous to play but I also knew that we were going to have lots of fun. Luckily we brought a volleyball along with us. So instead of having a competition we decided to play volley. Playing volley was such a good idea because laughter was everywhere around us. What I found the funniest was my cousins laugh. She honestly sounded like a minion.  

After being in the water we got out and had lunch, delicious otai with ham sandwich that my mum made for us.  Unfortunately we couldn’t stay longer because it was getting dark.  We had to go back home. So after lunch we packed up and made our way home.  When we got home we cleaned up and had a very long sleep.

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