Friday, November 6, 2015

Kiwi Sport / Touch

Learn:  To share what I have learned this morning

This morning the whole school had kiwi sport, our kiwi sport this morning was touch,  Room 7 had an amazing morning playing touch with our instructor, I can tell that she was an expert.  We played some amazing drills to help us warm up before we get into the real thing.  I felt tired during our warm up game, our instructor tells us something like an object in order and what we have to do is go and touch it in order.

We had three rounds playing our warm up game.  Then we get into our game,  the grid game its when we have to get into 2 teams we put our bibs on and everyone gets into the grid, any team can go first but after making a try they have to pass it to the other team.  We had a few fun rounds playing the grid game until our time was over, we took off our bibs and made our way back to class.

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