Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Story

Explain you
Hi I am ilaisaane and I go to St Pius X Catholic School and I have a beautiful teacher and her name is Miss Leaupepe She is my teacher in room 6 I am a girl and I have a long hair. I have two sister and one brother that live at Tonga  I have a mum and a dad my dad lives in Tonga with my brother and my mum lives with me and my sisters. My family is full Tongan and me too I came from Tonga and now I live in Panmure. My favorite food is chocolate cake and lolli and pies and I have lots of friends that loves men.

Explain Hero
My super hero is my teacher and my mum. My mum alway practiced me and look after me that why I love her so much when I come back from school and she look at me if something happen to me. My teacher is my other hero because she always help me with my learning and is look after our class room.

Explain future

Explain future
In my future I want to be a police girl because I want to save people and try to tell to do the right thing and don’t drunk drive and if I don’t make it in to be a police. I want to be a doctor because I want to save children and my family and friend too.

Explain Surrounding
When I am older I went to live with my sister and a new house.that I can live in and I want to have kids because I love to look after kids and if I have kids I will love them just like I love my family and to travel around with my family.

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