Friday, March 20, 2015

All about Sonya

16.3.15- About Sonya.

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Hello for my expressive writing today will be about Sonya I chose to write about her because she inspires me alot about being a leader or a good role model to others. She is really amazing because she inspires me to be in something she made me be a peace officer, a fruit monitor, and a library like packing the books away.

Sonya is not only my inspiration because she inspires other people around her and in her class and at home. At her home she has a lovely family and she says she loves them all. She has 4 sisters two of her sister comes to our school Angel and Alicea they are amazing two.

Sonya is a very shy girl but she is a bright girl that doesn't care about people saying stuff about her.

Sonya is a awesome girl that loves to read all the time no wonder she a bright and good girl, she loves to go out swim play chess and spending time with her family and learning alot. She has been in St Pius for 8 years now then her sister joined her.

She is a amazing girl I bet when you meet her you will like hanging out with her, working with her, and showing you what is good about being a good role model.

Sonya can sometimes be silly but she is the best, sometimes she can get told off but she is always on her best behavior to others. Sonya is like a girl that tells the truth all the time and she is like a spy for Mrs Tui like pretends to be there friend and finds what they are doing which is doing which is good because what ever people are on they shouldn't be on it. Sonya those make a good spy.

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