Monday, March 30, 2015

At Pt England.

25/3/15 - At Pt England.

This Morning room 7,6,5 walked all the way from school to Pt england we were so surprised at first when Mrs Tui said we were going to walk, it was a surprised moment because its a long walk till we get to Pt england. the worse thing about walking is its sunny and hot as always but this is a long walk. We all walked down and already people were speeding in front of me like a racing car or pushing in front of me like I was invisible to people. I was so angry I rather walk in the grass and let the speeders speed.  We got to the Pt England field and already people were complaining that they are tired, and complaining that its hot and some were happy that we made it.

The field was beautiful because it was so wide and it was so clean like a bowl that has been licked many times. What I like about the field is the grass, and the colour of the grass is so fresh and it's also soft like a soft comfortable bean bag. When we got to where we were sitting we got into lines and lined up sitting down from room 1 to 7, but some kids just sat with room 5 and I was one of them. I was pretty happy sitting with room 5 because I can see what's happening easily, when we were all sat people started to talk and for a few minutes this lady was telling us to please be quiet.When We were all silent we waited for the people from the boat to come, when they were half way to us we stood up and sang the e oho song. Everyone was so loud and I loved the part how they did the haka because they did it with passion and proudness which made the people happy even us we were happy too.

We had to sing the song six times, on the last time we sang it, all the people were already lining up in front of us on the sand. After singing the song we all got told to sit down and while all the schools were sitting down there were old people talking in maori which I did not understand. After all those maori talking we got up and sang another song call he hornorie, I thought that we would be the one that will be louder because we knew that song very well, but instead we were very quiet. After singing that song we all sat back down and the people that came from the boat I think they were greeting themself  in maori but singing it I think. when they were all finish talking and greeting in maori there was lots of talking happening in front of us.

After everything that has happen the kids that was infront from different school lined up and people coming up from the boat, and the people from different school went and put necklaces on the people. Pt England the first school that was sitting next to the steps got up and lined up by the steps and walked down to the people high fiving them. After two school went up and high five the people, it was our turn we got up and lined up in one line and went down and high fived all the people that came one by one. when we high fived all of them we got up the stairs and waited at the field for everyone to come then room 7,6,5 again walked and the other class made their way to the bus while we walk. I was complaining all the way until we were half way in the field. but thanks to Mr Gaffney he ran all the way to us and told us that they have under bus available for us to go on, we were all happy that we were going on the bus because we were gonna walk all the way back to school. 

We got on the bus and went all the way back to school and continued with our work because we got there it was past morning tea but the teachers told us that we were allowed to have morning tea. When morning tea was finish we only had 10 minutes until lunch which was cool.

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