Friday, May 1, 2015

Last week Year 8 funraising.

Year 8’s sausage sizzle fundraising.
Last week on Friday room 7 had a sausage sizzle fundraiser. We fundraised for the year 8’s retreat day, the retreat will take place at Friary 2015 week 5 term 2 day 1. In the fundraiser we sold sausages which were $2 and we also selled ice blocks that was $1. It wasn’t fair because all the year 8’s didn’t take part in fun raise it was just, Justin, Rachel, Jane, Sonya, Taiwan and Misiotei and they got help from an adult “Sunny” Sonya’s dad.

Thanks to Miss Mafu she went around the classes with a little clip bag collecting money from the kids who want to buy anything. From the ice blocks we got $66 and from the sausages we got about $160 and altogether the amount was $226. Yay. We had a successful fundraising event.

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