Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother writing

6,5,15-Describing My Mother in many ways.
My mother is my brightest light every morning I wake up, which makes my day start. My mother is like my maker because she always makes stuff for me or my sisters. Everything she makes whether its food or clothing or anything it's always great or beautiful and we always look amazing in it. My mother has never been a failure in being a mother because everything she does makes me happy or my siblings.  I can describe my mum in many words its really easy because she’s really special to me.

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My mums name is Sitela Puletau she likes to be known as Tela because that's what her friends call her, but to me and my siblings we call her mother or mum.  

She is a pure Tongan lady that loves to cook, sleep, laugh, sing, and talk a lot.

My mum has short brown hair, she is kind of short because I am nearly taller then her.  I love her bright brown eyes it's like the colour of the inside of a sunflower  Image result for sun flower.   She is very good at making Tongan grape necklaces.   She is the best at sewing she sews anything just for us.

Sometimes she can be very angry but I understand because she’s just trying to help me in a good very and to get my mind in what’s happening.

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Mr Moore said...

What a heartfelt and kind reflection about your mother, Illaisaane. She sounds like a really nice woman - and you have painted a clear picture of her by including fantastic descriptive language and writing thoughtful, carefully structured sentences.

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